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Cancer Zodiac Scented Candle 13.75oz

Cancer Zodiac Scented Candle 13.75oz

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Embrace the nurturing energy of Cancer with our enchanting Zodiac Candle! This lovingly handcrafted Cancer Zodiac Candle is designed to encapsulate the caring and sensitive essence of the Cancer sign. Immerse yourself in the soothing and comforting scents that mirror the Cancerian spirit. 🌊 Features: Custom-crafted for Cancer Soothing and nurturing aroma Hand-poured with love and care Premium, eco-friendly soy wax Extended burn time Our Cancer Zodiac Candle isn't just a beautiful addition to your space; it's a personalized gateway to your astrological identity. Whether you use it for meditation, relaxation, or simply to infuse your surroundings with the warm embrace of Cancer energy, it's a heartfelt and meaningful touch. Don't miss out on this exclusive celestial experience. Illuminate your life with our Cancer Zodiac Candle today.

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